八年级英语下册第四单元配套练习答案 Unit 4 He said I Was hard-working Section A I. 1.for,on 2.to 3.with,at 4.for,in 5.at,for II. 1.- 5. ADBCB III.1.He said(that)he lived in Beijing. 2.She said(that)she was interested in Beijing. 3.He told me(that)he was going to have a birthday party for his mother. 4.He told his mother(that)he would fly to New York the next day. 5.Miss Gao said(that)she found English interesting. IV.1-5.CDAEB Section B I. 1.nervous 2.health 3.difficult 4.results 5.hard-working II. 1-5.BBBBA III. 1.How’s, going 2.end-of-year, report 3.surprised,worst 4.lazy,true/right 5.nervous,luckly Self Check and Reading I. 1.decision 2.meters 3. villages 4.dangerous 5. messages II. 1.I have for 2.could, better in 3.graduate, as a volunteer 4.helping others 5.above, at first, feel sick III. 1-5. CCDCD 6-10.CABBB
    IV. 范文: Dear Mom and Dad, How’s it going? Things are fine here. I got my report card today. Luckily, I did OK this time. My English teacher said I was good at listening and better at speaking, but I wasn’t good at writing. My math teacher said I was hard-working, but I need to do better. My P.E. teacher said I was the best in the class. However, my history teacher said I could do better. Another disappointing result was in science. My science teacher said I was a lazy student. Well, that’s all the news I have for now. I will work harder at science, history and math. Wang Bin 八年级英语下册第五单元配套练习答案 Unit 5 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time! Section A I. 1.take 2.flowers 3.organize 4.rules 5.happen II. 1.- 5. CCBAD III.1.go to the park tomorrow 2.If you take more exercise, you’ll be much healthier. 3.If she eats more fruits and vegetables, she’ll not be heavy. 4.If you let me watch TV, I will stay at home. 5.If you bring some food to the party, the teacher will take it away.
    IV.1-5.CDBEA Section B I. 1. chance 2. living 3. lawyer 4. against 5. famous 6. injured 7.complain 8. Becoming/ Being II. 1-5.AAACD III.1.don’t, will2.If, you3.What, happen4.to forget5.Don’t leave Self Check and Reading I. 1.knowing 2.jeans 3. injured 4.athletes 5. organized 6.others II. 1.be able to, with 2.goes to the movies 3.to, for 4.join, player/athlete 5.make a living 6.take it away III. 1-5. BADBD 6-10.CCBAD IV. 1-6. FFFFTT V. 范文: If I have a lot of money If I have a lot of money, first I will buy a new car for myself and travel around the world with my parents. Then I will buy a big house for my family. I hope we can live a happy life. Next, I will also give some money to charities to help the poor students. So they can go to school and get a good education. At last I will…How interesting! I can’t wait!




    if we go to monkey'mountain tomorrow,it will rain.so we shouldn't have a picinc there .we should take our umbrellas.we should walk carefully,and it will be 獠秦峨韶芗刃而鄹返未danger to climb the mountain by ourselves.so we should take adults to climb with you .and they will be more safe .and we will have a good time there.


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    不知道多少字?随便写写 This is the event that made me realize life is so fragile. I have got a pet dog from my friends. It's just so lovely that I can't stop misssing it. Last week, it died. It was not because its age,but my fa...



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